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It's quick and easy to change your company name, address, email or EIN in QuickBooks 

To Change the Company Name:
If you have recently changed your company name, you will need to update it in several places in QuickBooks :
  • Company name ("Doing business as" name or "Trade Name" - how their customers recognize the company)
  • Legal name (Name used to communicate with the government. - If left blank, the Company Name will be used).
  • Email Messages
  • Location List (You can ignore this if you don't use location tracking.)
You can also check to Create QuickBooks Invoice from Gmail helpful to read.

Change Company name and Legal name in QuickBooks

IMPORTANT: If you are signed up for E-Services, QuickBooks will not allow the editing of the legal name and will give an error, "Payroll system is unavailable" or get QuickBooks Error 17337 Payroll Issue. For more information, see Changes that require a new authorization form for electronic services.

Go to the Gear Icon and select Account and Settings (or Company Settings in QuickBooks Accountant).

On the left click on Company.
  • Click on the Pencil icon on the right of the Company Name section.
  • For a legal name change, edit the Legal Name field.
  • If you do not see a Legal Name field, click on Add legal name.
  • On the bottom right, click Save Changes.
    Note: This will also change the company information in Company Settings & Backup QuickBooks Company File.

Email Messages

  • Go to the Gear Icon and click Company Settings (or Account and Settings depending on what you see).
  • On the side menu click Sales, select Messages and then fill out the info.
  • Make sure the correct company name is listed within the Subject: and Message: boxes. If it's blank, click Use Standard Message to prefill with your new company information and change as needed.
  • Click Save.

To change a direct personal contact email address in QuickBooks:

In QuickBooks Enterprise:
Click the Gear icon > Manage Users.
Select your name, then click Edit.
Click the into the Email Address field and change the email address.
Click Save.
In QuickBooks Desktop:
Click the Gear icon > Your Team.
Select your name.
Click the into the Email Address field and change the email address.
Click Save.

Location List 

  • Go to the Gear Icon and click Lists.
  • Click on Location List.
  • From the menu select to highlight the Location you would like to change the company name on.
  • On the bottom right, click on Edit.
  • Under the section titled: This location has a different company name when communicating with customers. change the name in the Title: field.
  • On the right, click Save.
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