QuickBooks Error 1328 When Installing, Uninstalling, Updating, or Repairing

How to Fix & [Solved]
There are times when one may have to repair, uninstall and update or re-install QuickBooks desktop. It should be a smooth process but Murphy ’s Law strikes and you get an error. One common error you can encounter is "Error 1328 Error updating file C:\config.msi\PTXXX.tmp". This can leave you stumped as to how to proceed. Never fear, we are here with our approaches to resolve the issue.

quickbooks error 1328 when installing, uninstalling, updating, or repairing

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 1328

Method #1
  • This error can be avoided or overcome by using QBInstall Tool. The tool is invaluable in identifying and fixing issues related to MSXML, C++, and .NET framework. If you have a problem with QuickBooks repair or uninstall or updates then first download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool and save it on your desktop and run it.
  • The tool will diagnose your installation and fix issues.
  • Restart the computer.
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Method #2
The problem may be with Windows installation for which you may need to download and install appropriate MSXML or .Net framework components. Run Windows update and then restart the computer.

Method #3
Follow the right way to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks.
  • Uninstall a corrupt QuickBooks installation by opening control panel, clicking on programs and features, selecting QuickBooks and select uninstall/change to complete the process. Before uninstalling QuickBooks try the repair option you get. It could possibly fix your problem.
  • Before you do these take a backup of your company files and data files.
  • Once uninstallation is complete there may be some “leftover” folders and registry entries. You can be picky and delete the folders and registry entries. It is also a good idea to launch taskbar and then, under services, disable all QuickBooks services prior to uninstallation.
This done you can proceed with reinstallation for which it is advisable to use QuickBooks clean install tool. It automatically renames folders and helps in smooth and flawless installation.

To Fix QuickBooks, Call toll-free (from the United States or Canada)
1 855 966 5634 Between 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 7 days a week.

Text Chat: Click the chat icon on this page to discuss with our QuickBooks Live Chat Support team during our available hours (listed above.)

Installing QuickBooks

  • If you have a CD note its license key and CD key. If you installed QuickBooks earlier by downloading it then you should have made a note of the license and product registration. It should be there in a confirmation email Intuit sent you or you can sign into your account and view your license in products & services section.
  • Go to intuit website and find the version of QuickBooks you purchased.
  • Download and run install, preferably with clean install tool. 
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If config.msi folder is the issue you can rename it prior to uninstalling or reinstallation to avoid the same issue cropping up again. It is a hidden folder so you will need to open windows explorer click on C drive and, in folder options, deactivate Hide protected operating system files.
You will be able to view config.msi folder. Rename it to config.msi.old. 
Start with repair process first. If this does not work and if renaming config.msi folder does not work then you may have to completely uninstall and re-install QuickBooks.

Should the error still persist you may feel free to contact us for a fast fix and we will be happy to be of help. 
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