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You must face, being a QuickBooks user on many occasions that Intuit’s QuickBooks internal backups not working, and that makes you frustrated. Now let’s started with some of the most common reasons, and then gear-up our way towards the points of frustration.

For most of the cases, when QuickBooks encountered a problem attempting to backup and the purpose just is to fix the reason behind the backup failure. In a hardly any circumstances, you must a bit more follow the step by step process, and even the ability to laugh at technical support's suggestions.

By the way, these are all correlated to the internal backup procedure of QuickBooks Desktop. These are not planned to state out some matters associated with the usage of Intuit Data Protect or any added external backup for QuickBooks files. (Backup QuickBooks Company File)

QuickBooks File Name Too Long

One of the most common causes of backups not succeeding is that the file name exceeds the prescribed limit of 65 characters. The company name may be too long. There may be underscores, special characters, and spaces that result in this happening.

Sybase recommendation is for file names to be limited to 30 characters. There should be no special characters or spaces. If there are spaces in a company name, remove them and omit special characters like “&”. It is not necessary to enter the full company name. Shorten it. Avoid underscores and hyphens in file names. Abridge or abbreviate names and you should have no problems with scheduled or automatic backups.

QuickBooks File Path Too Long

Backups can fail if the company file is located within a sub-directory or a sub-directory of a sub-directory especially if it is not on the root drive. Some users may create a directory and then a sub-directory and then another sub-directory as a “good practice” but it creates issues for QuickBooks and the automatic backup fails. It is a good idea to stick to the QuickBooks defaults for selection of directory and storage locations if you want backups to go smoothly.

QuickBooks File too Big

One of my clients raised an issue with me that his QuickBooks was unable to backup company file. I recommended him that file size matters and if it exceeds 3 GB in size back up may fail. This is a built-in feature of QuickBooks. You can always try to back up with smaller file sizes.

Improper Drive or Insufficient Access Rights

If a user attempts to back up a company file to a removable storage device or to another server where the user does not have permissions then the backup will not be successful. It is recommended that backup should always be to the root drive or a directory in a root drive. One workaround is to copy paste the file to another location instead of running backups through QuickBooks. First, create a backup to the root drive or desktop and then copy-paste it to another location on a removable storage device or on to any other computer in the network.

Preference Setting Conflict

You may have enabled “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups” in your preferences setting. In this case, QuickBooks will attempt to create a backup but it will not be successful but it will only create a .tmp file. You can turn off that option in preferences. QuickBooks may be slow to start but the backup issue will not arise when you switch off conflicting preferences.

User Name Conflict

If you do not properly configure QuickBooks during setup by specifying the right username and password you may encounter the backup error. This error may more likely occur with Windows username and password as well as access rights. Check that the user has proper access rights in Windows. In most such cases the username conflict is not with QuickBooks but with Windows and permissions assigned to users. Resolving this matter could solve your issue of automatic backup.

QuickBooks Hosting Conflict

If QuickBooks is configured for multi-user access then the computer’s hosting function should be local in nature. So in some cases QuickBooks local backup not working. The networked workstations cannot run the backup. Only the server can do so. In most such cases QuickBooks database server is usually installed on the server while the application may run on workstations. Scheduled backup is not available in such setups or we can say QuickBooks backup status not scheduled. Hosting conflicts can lead to failed backups.

Application Conflict

If there are multiple versions of QuickBooks then it will happen that the later version and earlier versions will conflict and AutoBackupEXE will not be able to perform automatic backups. This has been noticed in QuickBooks 2017. The backup routine initiates but at the point of stating the backup an error message shows up that AutoBackupEXE encountered a problem. This type of conflict is common in many enterprises that are running older and newer versions of QuickBooks leading to this conflict.

Contacting Intuit will only get you a response to update to the latest release or to carry out manual backup. However, it is reported that even after carrying out updates the issue is not resolved. This hardly serves the function of automatic backup.

These are a few common reasons why automatic or scheduled backups in QuickBooks do not go smoothly. Take care of the underlying cause and backups should run smoothly. If there are situations such as version conflicts then you may have to resort to manual backup process.

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FAQ – QuickBooks Backups

QuickBooks Backups Failed

Question: I’m new to QuickBooks & don’t know how to scheduling backups in QuickBooks?

Answer: If you need to schedule your QuickBooks backups, 1st you should close your company file so that it will not make any bugs during the process.

Follow the schedule backup process below:
➡ Go to File menu & select Back Up. ⤵
➡ Click the Schedule Backup button. ⤵
➡ Click the New Button. ⤵
➡ Make proper choices in the Schedule Backup window. ⤵
➡ Click OK to save the fresh schedule.

Question: Getting issues with my QuickBooks. Please let me know how to schedule automatic backups in QuickBooks?

Answer: You can follow the below method to schedule automatic backups in QuickBooks. But remember to shut your company file before initiating the process.

Follow the automatic backup process below:
➡ Go to File menu and select Back Up. ⤵
➡ Tap to Schedule a Backup button. ⤵
➡ Press the Automatically back up the tab when terminating data file every box. ⤵
➡ Enter the proper backup frequency. ⤵
➡ Make suitable choices in the QuickBooks Backup windows. ⤵
➡ Now Click OK tab.

Question: I’m unable to create backups into QuickBooks desktop. Is there any easy way to manually backup QuickBooks company file?

Answer: Yes there is! Starts follow the given method to get backups of your QuickBooks company file manually.

Follow the manual backup process below using CD:
➡ On the File menu, click Back Up. ⤵
➡ Click the Back Up Company File tab. ⤵
➡ In the QuickBooks Backup dialog box, select Disk. ⤵
➡ Click the Browse button to rename the filename and designate the backup location. ⤵
➡ Confirm that QBW Backup (*.QBB) is designated in Save as type. ⤵
➡ Click Save. ⤵
➡ Select Verify data integrity in the QuickBooks Backup dialog box. ⤵
➡ Click OK. ⤵

Note: 1st back up to your hard drive, in case you get any issue with backing up straight to a CD-R or CD-RW drive. Then, open the windows explorer or your CD "burner" application to back up the company file to CD. 

Question: I just want to confirm if my QuickBooks can back up or restore data for a specific date range?

Answer: It’s not possible! QuickBooks restore every data within a company data file.

Question: Is it possible to backup multiple company files at one time in QuickBooks?

Answer: QuickBooks simply restore the company file that currently active in when you start the backup & restore wizard.

Question: Why my QuickBooks backup failed, no changes seem to be happening to my desktop. I’m having 2018 enterprise edition.

Answer: We will defiantly help you out with this problem. I’ll recommend you to use the Intuit Data Protect (IDP) to fix your QuickBooks issues. 

Question: How can merge a QuickBooks backup file into alternative/ other files?

Answer: Sorry to say, QuickBooks backups can't be merged.

Question: How to backup of attachments file in QuickBooks Desktop?

Answer: It’s not possible to have QuickBooks backup or transfer the attachment folder. You need to do the process manually.

Question: My QuickBooks Won't Backup To Flash Drive – What to Do?

Answer: Follow the below steps for successful backup to flash drive form QuickBooks.

  • Choose the File → Create Copy command⤵
  • You want to save a backup copy, so tap the Backup Copy option button→ click Next to continue⤵
  • Specify whether you want to save your QuickBooks backup file on your local company or to QuickBooks offsite data center⤵
  • Select the Options button to choose a backup location⤵
  • Identify to which folder or disk setting the company file should be backed up⤵
  • Use the Backup Options dialog box⤵
  • Select OK when you finish requiring the backup location and options and then click Next⤵
  • Choose when you need to back up⤵
  • Click Finish to close the Save Copy or Backup dialog box⤵
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