What is Quickbooks Error 3100?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3100?

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If you have been using Quickbooks for some time now, you have at least once come across the QuickBooks error code 3100. This typically is faced by businesses which have a huge list of vendors and customers alike. This Error code basically crops up when there is a duplicate entry in the name of customers, vendors or sales force.

You might see the QuickBooks error 3100:

what is quickbooks error code 3100

Customer Insert/Update Error-[Customer Name]-3100-The name “customer name” of the list element is already in use.

This error happens when we try to sync a particular name in Quickbooks when it already exists. Quickbooks doesn’t allow the storage of two accounts of either customer or vendor under the same name.

This can be resolved by either running the Account matcher tool or through Merge Account.
When you use the Account matcher, you need to opt for Datasynch Web Interface under Pervasive Datasynch in the programs. When you opt for this, the appropriate data of customer/vendor gets filled in automatically.

If you Merge Account, then all data of various accounts of the same name get merged together to give you complete information.



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