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It is essential to maintain a backup of all the work you do in QuickBooks otherwise you may find you have to redo it all over again. This entails labor. You may think that a weekly backup is sufficient but it is not so when you do it manually. You may lose precious data. Instead, you can use the automatic backup feature of QuickBooks to backup company file and other important data.

Here is how you do it, with focus on QuickBooks automatic backup for multi-user mode: 

Approach 1
It is easy to set up a backup in single user mode:
  • Launch QuickBooks and navigate to file menu and click on back up
  • Click on the schedule backup tab and click on automatically backup when closing a data file and specify the intervals at which you need to back up the file.
  • Click OK. 
QuickBooks will only backup files once they are closed. It becomes difficult when files are in multi-user mode. Some users may leave the file open and this will prevent QuickBooks from backing up data. You would need to instruct users to close the data files once they have finished work.

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Approach 2
Set up an automatic backup in multi user mode this way:
  • Launch QuickBooks and click on the file and then on open or restore a company file.
  • Choose a company file and click on next.
  • Select the file name and, at the bottom of the window, mark the checkbox for open in multi-user mode and then click on open. 
This lets you open files in multi-user mode. Once this is done you can go on to the next step. Please keep in mind that you must enable hosting on the computer that stores the company file and it must be the same computer for running scheduled automatic backups. Do it this way:
  • Click on the file menu and then on back up company and create a local back up
  • Click local back up and then next
  • Pick only schedule future backups and click next
  • Now click new and enter the description, location, and number of backup copies
  • Specify time and day when you want a backup to take place
  • Enter windows credentials and click on store password
  • Now click on OK and finish.
It is necessary for you to have your windows username and password to carry out this operation for the domain where you log in.

Approach 3
You can set up and try Intuit data protect for automatic backup.
  • Launch QuickBooks, go to file and select backup company>setup/activate online backup.
  • In the backup status, section click on Intuit data protect and then from the system tray, click IDP icon and click open intuit data protect>activate now.
  • Sign in to your Intuit account
  • In the Intuit data protect diagnose window click on continue and a confirmation screen pops where you click on Yes if you wish to recover files or on No to proceed.
  • Click on continue in next window and set up a schedule to backup files automatically.
  • Once IDP set up is successful click on OK.


Question: How to Stop QuickBooks Automatic Backup?

Answer: 1) Go to Backup 2) Click the Schedule Backup tab 3) Remove the check in the box for Automatic Backup.

Question: Today I tried to restore the backup copy from office to my home desktop; it comes up with pop up message "Backup Failed". What to do now?

Answer: In case QuickBooks backup failed, your flash drive may have an error, I would recommend you to reformat it. If this will solve the issue, then the QuickBooks data file might be corrupted and requires verifying.

Setting up an automatic backup in multi user mode can be tough and you are likely to face issues. Do not hesitate to call us in for assistance. 
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