Add An Opening Balance For New Customers

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Because the Opening Balance field is constantly visible at the top of the New Customer window, you might think you should fill it in. But you’re actually better off skipping it.

Entering an opening balance as of a particular date is a shortcut that excludes having to generate the invoices that generate the customer’s current balance. You can create QuickBooks invoice from Gmail as well. But that shortcut comes at a price: If customers haven’t paid, then you might have a hard time collecting the money they owe you, especially if you can’t tell them what services and products you delivered, how much they cost, the invoice numbers, and when the invoices were due. And when your customers do pay, you can’t accept those payments against specific invoices to track your Accounts Receivable.

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In addition, QuickBooks creates a new account in your chart of accounts called Uncategorized Income and creates an invoice that increases (debits) your Accounts Receivable account and increases (credits) your Uncategorized Income account by the amount of the opening balance you enter. You Can Also Change Company Name, Address, Email in QuickBooks Anytime You Wish.

The best way to record a customer’s balance is to create QuickBooks invoices for the invoices the customer hasn’t paid yet (called “open invoices”). That way, you’ll have complete documentation of those sales, the corresponding balance in your Accounts Receivable account, and credits to the correct income accounts. (To learn about recording customer open balances. Repair QuickBooks Data Files, If Gets Error. Also, you can then apply the payments that come in to settle those invoices.

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The Address Info tab has additional fields for contact information, including four phone numbers, two email addresses, the company’s website, and a field labeled “Other 1.” If you look closely, you’ll notice that the labels for these eight fields have down arrows on them, so you can set these fields to any of 24 contact-related fields, such as Setting Up Gmail in QuickBooks, Home Phone, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, URL 1, and Skype ID.

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