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How to Fix & [Solved]

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QuickBooks can show up strange errors from time to time. One of these is “qbdbmgrn not running on this computer” error and this could possibly stump you as to what it means and how and why it occurred. This error usually occurs when the multi-user mode is running.

Cause Behind the QBDBMGRN Not Running

QuickBooks can show “qbdbmgrn not running on this computer” simply because an active firewall is blocking QuickBooks desktop connection. The firewall in Windows is blocking QuickBooks access to the internet for some programs or files. In such cases, one can update the firewall or configure exceptions and ports to overcome the problem.

Qbdbmgrn.exe is a utility for multi-user access in QuickBooks. The application takes care of networking the data file on the host computer. 

You can follow the approaches detailed below to fix this issue: 

Approach 1
  • The simplest approach is to:
  • Log off from your QuickBooks account. Close the application.
  • Shut down the computer and restart it.
  • Try to log in to your account. 
If the error still appears then try Approach 2
  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor.exe and install it on your computer.
  • Run the software. It will diagnose network and it can usually fix the qbdbmgrn error. It generates a report and gives details of the error and also how to resolve it. This is how it goes.
  • If hosting mode is off it means you need to turn on QuickBooks hosting in order to open the QuickBooks Company.
  • If result shows folder has non-writable read only company file then you need to set up access permission in Windows for the user to get permission.
  • If the folder has non-sharable company files then you need to grant permission in Windows and make the folder sharable.
  • If there is no network connectivity then you must run ipconfig and note that each computer has its own IP address and if multiple adapters are in use then you need to specify one IP address for only one adapter.
  • If QBCF monitor service is not running then go to Windows firewall and open port 8019, check server hosting is turned on and pin from client to server.
  • If the firewall is blocking QuickBooks then set up exceptions in Windows Firewall for QuickBooks.
  • If QBDBMGRN is not running set up the firewall to open Dynamic DB port for QB File Doctor and other QuickBooks apps and do this on client and server computer systems. Make sure hosting on the server is turned on and that you can ping the server. 
The above methods should result in a resolution of your issues and the error will not show up again. Be sure to restart the computer and then run QuickBooks to find out if the error shows up or not.

Follow the below steps In case you need to repair your QuickBooks desktop yourself.

repair your QuickBooks desktop

If the error still shows up and you are in a bind you can always rely on us to solve the matter. All you need to do is to give us a call or speak with QuickBooks chat support to discuss your issues. 
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