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quickbooks unable to save as a pdf
QuickBooks Not Able to Create or Save as PDF
Call us @ ☎ 1-800-515-3107 If you face a problem like QuickBooks Unable to Create or Save as PDF

You can do the following if your QuickBooks Unable to Save as PDF. Also, the user must confirm first if QuickBooks is updated to the latest release before you initiate.

- Try saving the form again. 
- Close all other open programs and save the form again. 
- If the form does not display correctly in Print Preview, this could indicate a printing problem.

To Fix QuickBooks, Call toll-free (from the United States or Canada) 1 800 515 3107 Between 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 7 days a week.
Text Chat: Click the chat icon on this page to discuss with our QuickBooks Live Chat Support team during our available hours (listed above.)
If you see this kind of message when doing a “save as PDF”, try saving a second time. It might work! You’ll be more likely run into this with QuickBooks 2018 or later, which use the Microsoft XPS driver. QuickBooks tries to save, can’t, and so starts a process to install a hook for the XPS driver. The second time you try it, the driver is there!

When QuickBooks Not Printing Checks to PDF - Make sure that you have the most current release of your QuickBooks product. Go to the Intuit Update website and see what the latest release is for your version of QuickBooks. If you don’t know what you are running, press the F2 key in QuickBooks (or, if that doesn’t work, ctrl-1) and look for the product information. In most cases, older revisions are more likely to have compatibility problems.

You can also Run QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool & Follow the Bellow Steps:

For QuickBooks Save as PDF issues, check if you able print to your Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

  • Open Your Notepad.
  • Write anything.
  • Now Move to File & Print.
  • Select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, and tick Print.
  • In the save as dialogue box, select your Desktop.
  • Move to your desktop, and see if you can view the Microsoft XPS document you printed from notepad.
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Important: To check printing problems in QuickBooks, instead of your XPS Document Writer, print to your real printer and verify if you can print correctly out of QuickBooks.
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