QuickBooks Not Printing Checks to PDF

How to Fix & [Solved]

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QuickBooks Won't Printing Checks to PDF
Printing checks to PDF should be a normal and fast process. Unfortunately, Murphy’s law strikes and you find that just when you want something done fast, QuickBooks shows an error.

You Could See Any Number of Errors Such As:

  • PDF converter shows offline
  • You cannot directly print to QuickBooks PDF converter
  • Device is not ready
  • QuickBooks Unable to save as .PDF file
  • There is a problem connecting selected printer
  • Could not print to printer
  • QuickBooks could not complete the action due to missing pdf file component
  • Print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working
  • PDF converter activation error -20, -30 or -41
The probable causes could be missing files or corrupt files not incorrect configuration. Try any of these approaches to resolve the situation and print checks to PDF.

Approach One

The simplest solution is to use QuickBooks print and PDF repair tool:
  • Download QuickBooks print and PDF repair tool
  • Install and run it. It will take corrective action.
  • Relaunch QuickBooks and try to print checks to PDF.
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Approach Two

  • The problem may not be in QuickBooks but could be Windows related.
  • Check in Windows if the printer prints by printing any document.
  • Check XPS document writer and see if it works by checking for the file on desktop.
  • If XPS document printer is not working then reinstall XPS document witer. 

Reinstalling XPS document writer

  • Start control panel in Windows and select devices and printers and right click on Microsoft XPS document writer icon and click on remove device. Click Yes to confirm.
  • Now, from the top bar select add a printer and in the window that opens choose Microsoft at the left and Microsoft XPS document writer at the right and install it.
  • If Windows asks to replace current driver click on Yes and proceed.
  • Next check for permissions by opening Printers Control Panel, right click on Microsoft XPS document writer and choose printer properties and then click on security tab and then select everyone user group.
  • If the group is not there then click on add button and then enter everyone in the field and click on check names and then click OK.
  • In the allow section select print, click OK.
  • Go to C:\windows\system32\spool, right click on printers, choose properties, then security tab, click on edit, click add and type local service and press enter.
  • Give local service full control and click OK. 

Approach Three

If your firewall or anti virus is blocking the print process you need to check the settings and enable printing or remove restrictions. 

Approach Four

If a template is damaged then you can change the template and then try to create the PDF file.

Approach Five

Earlier versions of QuickBooks are more prone to PDF problems. This can be resolved by downloading updates that fix PDF problems. Downloading the PDF repair utility also resolves the problems.

If you still cannot resolve problems why not give us a call—we are here to help.

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