How to Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks

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There are times when one can make an error while entering a deposit transaction in QuickBooks and wish to remove it. However, one can see a warning that you need to delete the sale from the deposit before you can delete or edit its name or amount. One can also see a message that you cannot edit payment information in a deposit transaction.

How to Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks

Know the Process to Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks

QuickBooks has its rules and one must understand them and follow the right path in order to be able to delete a deposit. You can try from the following methods and you should be successful in deleting a deposit. 

Approach 1

  • Navigate to the toolbar and click on Edit
  • Then click on Delete Deposit.
  • Pick the deposit that you want to delete. Delete it and your transaction is updated.
  • You can delete the entire deposit or just the line. 

Approach 2

  • Click on record Deposits in the QuickBooks homepage to load the Make Deposit window.
  • If the Payment to Deposit window appears then click on cancel to close this window.
  • Go back to the Previous icon and navigate through the deposits to the one that you wish to remove.
  • Select it and then click on Edit in the menu and then click on Delete Line
  • Click OK and confirm to remove the deposit
  • Click on save and close to save changes. 

Approach 3

  • Navigate to Banking and then click on Use Register
  • The next step is to select the bank account
  • Now select the deposit.
  • Click on Edit and then on Delete Deposit
  • Payments will reflect in the list of undeposited funds. 

Approach 3

If it pertains to a sales receipt:
  • Click on All Sales
  • Click on Filter and in Transactions type click on Sales Receipt and then click on apply.
  • Click on sales receipt to be deleted and delete it. 

Approach 4

This is how you edit a paid bill and void it:
  • Run QuickBooks and open accounts payable register
  • Navigate to bill or payment in the register window
  • Click on Edit and then void bill or void bill payment or choose to delete bill to delete transaction
  • Click on Record.
If you still cannot succeed you are welcome to phone us for a solution. 
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