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QuickBooks can give you unexpected, unpleasant surprises and when it crashes your work can come to a halt. Users often wonder why QuickBooks keeps crashing and how to resolve it. Learn all about it here.


QuickBooks Crashes When Opening Company File

QuickBooks Crashing When Emailing Invoice

QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel

QuickBooks Crashes When Reconciling

Causes behind QuickBooks crashing

QuickBooks Keeps Crashing

QuickBooks can crash and cause the system to hang or the program can simply close altogether. Causes include:
  • Bad or corrupt data
  • Some extension drive or malware is interfering and causing the crash.
  • When you update to latest version and then try to open company file QuickBooks crashes.
  • The recent installation of .NET framework 4.7 could cause the crash.
  • You are trying to update QuickBooks and at the same time, you try to open the company file. 
It can be vexatious. How do you resolve this situation? Try any of the following approaches.
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Approach 1
  • Download and install QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. Run it.
  • Click on Go Library and then double click on preferences folder in the window that opens.
  • Drag file com.intuit.QuickBooks2018.list to the desktop and drop it there.
  • Now run QuickBooks. It should run without crashing and you can open the company file.
Approach 2
  • If QuickBooks files are corrupt or damages you can always try to repair by the opening control panel, picking QuickBooks and choosing the uninstall/repair option.
  • Try to perform a clean install with selective startup after which you can restore windows to normal startup.
Approach 3
  • If .NET framework 4.7 is the cause then you can download and install an ultralight patch.
  • Check QuickBooks for updates window and check the version. It should be the latest.
  • Look for the date on the last critical fixes update and status.
  • If there have been no updates in recent times then click on get updates.
  • You should have QuickBooks with R5_92 patch update.
Approach 4 (QuickBooks Crashes When Reconciling)
  • Install latest updates and run windows file checker to fix corrupt file error.
  • If you attempted to print files or create PDF and QuickBooks crashed then you must reinstall damaged printer files. Try installing the latest version of Adobe Reader.
  • You can download and run QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool to address the problem of Adobe Reader. Run the utility and then close and then launch QuickBooks again.
  • The XPS writer can also be a cause. Reinstall XPS document writer from Microsoft.
So when you carry out reconciliation, you can try this approach without any QuickBooks crashes.

Approach 5 (QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel)
  1. Run Your QuickBooks.
  2. Start a report to export to Excel.
  3. Choose Excel > Make a New Worksheet.
  4. Get on the Advanced Tab in the Send Report to Excel window.
  5. Deselect the Freeze panes check box.
  6. Now Tap to OK.
  7. Connect Export & confirm that there is no delay when exporting the report.
This way you can easily export your reports to excel.

Approach 6 (QuickBooks Crashes When Emailing Invoice)
  1. Select the Ctrl Alt Delete buttons at once.
  2. Open Start Task Manager.
  3. Find qb.exe, .qb & QuickBooks, then select the right button on it and choose End Task.
Hope now you able to send your invoices properly without any issue.

Approach 7 (QuickBooks Crashes When Opening Company File)
  1. Choose the folder where the company file is placed.
  2. Now right click the QuickBooks company file & select Its Properties.
  3. Kindly confirm the Category of File is QuickBooks Company file
  4. Make sure the Company File size is at least 7MB.
  5. Select advanced tab & verify that boxes for Compress & Encrypt points are unchecked.
  6. Now Click to OK.
Above method will solve your QuickBooks crashing problem during opening a company file.

You can try one or all of these methods depending on the type of cause that led to the problem. Your issue should resolve. However, there are times when the underlying cause may be something else. If QuickBooks crash does not stop and reoccurs no matter what you do then it is time to give us a call for help.
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