How to Fix QuickBooks Error 9999 (Banking Issue)

How to Fix & [Solved]
When you carry out banking operations in QuickBooks you are likely to come across an error. It is error 9999. Your work comes to a halt.

Why You Get QuickBooks Error 9999 - The Causes?

Banking error 9999 can occur due to a variety of reasons:
  • Corrupt Windows registry entries related to QuickBooks may cause the error to show up.
  • Corrupt or incomplete installation of QuickBooks is another factor
  • Virus or malware infection could damage Windows and QuickBooks files.
  • Banking error - like unable to sync.
  • Corrupt QuickBooks files
  • Erased QuickBooks files.

You Can Try Different Approaches To Resolve This QuickBooks Banking Error 9999 As Given Below:

Approach 1
When you are carrying out banking operations and the error occurs you get an option to report the issue to QuickBooks. This is perhaps the easiest way to resolve the issue.
  • Enter your email address and name and click on submit.
  • You will get the issue solved within 10 days by QuickBooks support.
However, you may not wish to wait for 10 days in which case you can try the following methods.

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Approach 2
  • Start Internet Explorer and click on Favorites button and pick History tab
  • Pick sites from the drop down list, right click and pick delete.
  • You can also delete entire browsing history in Internet Explorer.
Approach 3
  • Disconnect the current QB account.
  • A pencil icon in highlighted account that did not update will show on screen
  • Click on “edit account info” and then click on “disconnect account on save”
  • Click “save and close”
  • Return to your dashboard.
  • Establish connection again. Your account to the bank is now disconnected.
  • Now return to QuickBooks actual bank account and go to add account and link the QB account for which you have to enter user name and password
  • Transactions from bank account to QB will be updated once link is established. 
Approach 4
In Windows click on Start-Programs-Accessories-Command Prompt.
  • Type regedit and press enter key
  • Navigate to QuickBooks and pick Error 9999 related key in the registry editor
  • Flick File-Export and in the Save In list, save QuickBooks backup key to a desired folder and give it a name.
  • Click on Save
  • Save the file with a .reg extension. This creates backup of QuickBooks registry entry. 

Various Other Methods Are:

  • Update QuickBooks software. Do this twice or thrice. This may solve the problem of error code 9999.
  • Disconnect and reconnect feed. Make sure no transaction appears in the For Review list. Also make sure to check feeds connected to the account and download them first before disconnecting.
  • Log into the bank’s website directly. Doing so may update security settings and solve the matter.
  • Clear cache in your browser. Go to internet explorer-tools-
  • Scan PC for malware or virus infection
  • Remove temporary files and carry out Disk Cleanup.
  • Run Windows System File Checker. Sometimes this helps to fix issues. 
If your issue still persists why not try and give us a call—our experts will be happy to be of service.
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