QBCFMONITORSERVICE Not Running On This Computer

How to Fix & [Solved]
QuickBooks has a wonderful system of popups that tell you about a problem and then you can take steps to fix the problem on your own, through Intuit support or third-party support services. One such error that shows up and confounds users is "QBCF MONITOR SERVICE not running on this computer" message.

Why QBFCMonitorService Randomly Stops Running?

  • If you get a “QBCF monitor service not running” message on your system it may mean that qbcfmonitorservice.exe file is not running due to corrupt registry keys.
  • Your system may be infected with a virus that has affected the executable file.
  • The qbcfmonitorservice.exe file may have been deleted by another program
  • The file may conflict with another program file
  • The installation may not be complete.
  • Firewall blocks access. 

QBCFMonitorService.exe Error

QBCFMonitorService.exe Error

To Fix QuickBooks, Call toll-free (from the United States or Canada) 1 800 515 3107 Between 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 7 days a week. Text Chat: Click the chat icon on this page to discuss with our QuickBooks Chat Support team during our available hours (listed above.)

This can be a minor or a major headache. However, you can attempt to resolve the issue. Try our
approach and it should hopefully resolve the issue and you will not see the error popping up in the future.

Approach 1
If you have any QuickBooks pro, premier or enterprise edition then you will need to repair the registry entries and enable or disable options. Do this only if you know how.

Approach 2
  • Check your system for virus infection and if there is, clean up and remove viruses.
  • You may do this on your own or call in a software support service.
  • Sometimes virus may damage the qbcfmonitorservice.exe file and it may no longer work in which case reinstallation may be needed.
  • You may have to install windows updates if necessary to ensure the error does not occur again. 
Approach 3
  • If Windows firewall is the culprit and is the reason for qbcfmonitorservice.exe application error message then you may need to change settings.
  • Open control panel and go to Windows firewall and check on the existing status and then change the options to allow exceptions for qbcfmonitorservice. 
Approach 4
  • If it is a hosted environment then you may need to turn file hosting on so that other systems can access files. Do this in conjunction with firewall block removal operation above.
  • Open QuickBooks and then from the file menu choose utilities.
  • Open host multi-user access
  • Click on yes in the confirmation window.
Approach 5
  • There is another way to look at this issue. Essentially the qbcfmonitorservice is meant for automatic updates. It is there by default when you install QuickBooks and it will fetch fixes and updates in the background.
  • Some updates and patches may choose to disable qbcfmonitorservice.exe in the task manager under the services tab. This may stop the error message from popping up.

If still, qbcfmonitorservice terminated unexpectedly (failed to start) and nothing works, you can always feel free to phone us for resolution of this issue.

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