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You never know what error you will encounter when you use QuickBooks. Sometimes it may happen that QuickBooks has stopped working or it may not even start. You are left wondering why this happens and what you should do.

The causes behind QuickBooks not responding Or QuickBooks won’t opening

The simplest reason after QuickBooks not responding or stopped working is that you may have given the company file a too long name or it may contain characters that are not permitted.
  • The fault may lie in the QBWuser.ini file that may be damaged or it may be missing.
  • You have not installed QuickBooks right.
  • Your operating system may be old.
  • Your hard disk is corrupt and has bad sectors.
QuickBooks has stopped working

Some Windows files may be damaged or missing and the system may run slower than usual. Windows’ functionality could also affect QuickBooks and cause it to not start or freeze on startup.

To Fix QuickBooks, Call toll-free (from the United States or Canada) 1 800 515 3107 Between 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 7 days a week.

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What to do when QuickBooks has stopped working or not responding?

There is no need to worry when your QuickBooks has stopped working or won't open. You can first try the approaches detailed below and any one of them should fix your problem of QuickBooks not responding, freezing or keeps crashing.

Approach 1: Close QBW32.exe
This is how you do it:
  • Start the computer. Right click on the taskbar strip at the bottom
  • Now select start task manager and navigate to processes tab and click on image name header and sort list alphabetically.
  • Find out QBW32.exe, select it and click on end process button.
  • Relaunch Windows.
Approach 2: Rename QBWuser.ini
Follow the steps:
  • Find out where this file resides. You can use search in Windows Explorer.
  • Right click on the file and choose Rename option.
  • Just rename it to qbwuserold.ini or add a .old extension to the name.
  • Find out ecml file and rename it too.
Approach 3: Restore Backup of Company File
Understand to restore your backup company file:
  • QuickBooks may stop responding if the company file is damaged.
  • The backup file will be there in the same folder as the qbw file. Rename the company file and then rename the backup file to the company file name and give it qbw extension.
Note: You must confirm, you will always have a current copy of your important accounting records and make a practice to have a backup of your QuickBooks company files to prevent data loss.

Approach 4: Reinstall QuickBooks
Try QuickBooks reinstall process:
  • If the above still does not work then the QuickBooks installation may be damaged.
  • In this case, you can try to run file doctor or rebuild to see if this resolves the problem assuming you can QuickBooks to open.
  • However, if that is not possible then you may reinstall QuickBooks program using the CD Key and license key.
Approach 5: Repair QuickBooks
Before reinstalling you can try to repair QuickBooks.
  • Bring up task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and click on the process tab.
  • Right-click to select a QuickBooks process that is shown as running and then click on end process button. End all QuickBooks related processes.
  • Restart QuickBooks. And if it shows Repair QuickBooks select yes and run the process of repair.
Approach 6: Set up New Windows Admin User in QuickBooks
Update Administrator rights:
  • Launch control panel and stat user accounts. Click on manage user and click on add.
  • Type in name and domain for the administrator account.
  • Select administrator and then click on finish and exit control panel and relaunch Windows.
Approach 7: Run QuickBooks Diagnostics
Fix installation issues quickly:
  • Download QuickBooks install diagnostic tool to install from Intuit and then install it.
  • Run QBInstall. It will analyze and fix problems.
  • Restart the computer and launch QuickBooks to see if it works.
Approach 8: Register QuickBooks
Sometimes this simple trick works:
  • Launch QuickBooks and press F2 when it opens.
  • You should see product information displayed on the screen. Check registration status.
  • If it displays Registered then it is OK. If not enter the product key and license key by going to help option in the menu and click on activate QuickBooks.
If not a single solution given above works then you may call in our experts to resolve this problem.

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