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There are times when QuickBooks may crash or be corrupted by the virus or be damaged in some other way. In such cases, a repair or fix does not bring it back to life. You will have to reinstall the software. Even then what happens in some cases is that reinstall has issues and QuickBooks will not load. You hoped that the reinstall would be the end of the problem but it is not and you are still in trouble.


If there is a problem there usually is an underlying cause. If a reinstall does not solve the problem there could be any number of causes. 

  • For example, if QuickBooks.exe cannot load, then the problem could be one of incompatibility. This happens when you try to install older versions of QuickBooks on Windows 10 64 bit. Only QuickBooks 2016 and later versions will work on Windows 10.
  • Sometimes it may be a Windows problem with existing registry entries causing conflicts.
  • Viruses that are present may corrupt the freshly installed QuickBooks .exe files and QuickBooks will not start.
  • Sometimes it happens that after you update Windows 10 or 7 your QuickBooks 2018 will not load.
  • There may be a problem with .net versions. 

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There are several ways to resolve the problem of a reinstall not giving the desired output. You can identify the real problem or just try one approach after another in the hope that QuickBooks will start working.

Approach #1
Not everyone has switched over to Windows 10. Many still use Windows 7 and have downloaded updates after which QuickBooks stopped working and reinstall does not solve the problem.
  • The problem could be with .net. The .NET update is installed automatically and this could be the culprit.
  • If this is the case then you can first try to check which version of .NET is functional after the windows update. It could be .net 4.7.
  • In this case, you can uninstall .NET framework 4.7 and reinstall .net framework 3.51.
  • Shutdown your computer and then restart it.
  • Try to run QuickBooks. If it launches then it means your problem is solved and that it was a .NET framework version issue that prevented QuickBooks from running after the reinstall.
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Approach #2
Again this deals with .NET updates that get installed automatically with Windows update. The update may install .NET version KB4073701 in addition to KB4074805 and this can lead to conflicts that prevent QuickBooks from loading.
The solution is simple.
  • Open control panel and then click on add remove programs and view list of installed programs and click on turn windows features on or off
  • In the box the opens you scroll down to see .NET versions installed on your system. Each one has a check mark against it.
  • Enable checkbox against .NET 3.5.1 and disable KB4073701.
  • Reboot computer
  • Launch QuickBooks.
  • This approach has resolved QuickBooks issue.
Approach #3
The download approach:
  • If it is a version prior to 2016 that you are installing and one that does not work after reinstallation on Windows 10 then you should upgrade to a later version of QuickBooks. You can download QuickBooks desktop version from Intuit.
  • Just make sure you have your product registration and Licence key handy when you start the process.
  • Download and install and run update patches before you launch QuickBooks.
  • Check control panel to make sure the correct .NET framework is active and disable other .NET versions.
  • Launch QuickBooks only after carrying out these procedures. It should work.
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Approach #4
If QuickBooks does not launch then try this step:
  • Right click on QuickBooks icon on the desktop & then flick on open file location and you will see a folder open that has a reboot.bat file.
  • Double click on reboot file.
  • QuickBooks program files will be re-registered in Windows.
  • This should fix the problem. 
If you still face the problem of QuickBooks not launching after reinstall then you can phone us for a solution.

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