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QuickBooks has a great feature and that is the facility of letting you send an invoice from Gmail. It is common practice to generate invoices and then send them in printed or electronic format with
the latter being a more preferred option. How do you go about it? Just try these meyhods.

create quickbooks invoice from gmail

Method 1 - First Step

🔸 Start QuickBooks and then click on sales and then go to the all sale tab and click on
the invoice
🔸 Click on save and then select save and share the link and then click on copy link and close.
🔸 Please note you do not have to use QuickBooks online in order to send an invoice by Gmail.
🔸 It only works with QuickBooks Online Plus, Simple start accounts and essentials.
🔸 However, you can sign up and a free QuickBooks account will be created that will help
you to send invoices online and also receive payments online.
🔸 You can choose to turn on or off specific payment modes such as bank transfer, credit
cards or debit cards and include a pay button.

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Adding Logo to Invoice - Second Step

🔸 You can customize invoice with your logo for which you can do this:
🔸 Run QuickBooks invoicing and click on the gear icon and then custom form styles, select
a template, edit and add the logo.
🔸 Log into your Gmail account and go to the menu and select settings and then click on color
and logo and edit. Add a logo to the tab and return to Gmail and press F5. 

Method 2 - Sending Invoice from Gmail

🔸 First step showed how you can add a link. In this method, you can send invoice email.
🔸 When you launch Gmail and open a mail you should see the QuickBooks logo on the
right side. Logo does not appear in inbox view.
🔸 Start Gmail and open the customer’s mail thread.
🔸 Add on will appear on the right and then you select logo of QuickBooks and then
prepare invoice.
🔸 Click on send to send email invoice to customer. You can even change the email in QuickBooks as well.
🔸 If you are sending invoice to a new customer just create mail for the new customer and
then the invoice and QuickBooks will create new customer in accounts.
🔸 You can check if invoice was sent by starting QuickBooks, navigating to menu and then
See recent invoices. You can pick the invoice from the list and select invoice details. It
will be shown as sent. You can also view sent invoices in sent folder of gmail.
🔸 When customer makes payment QuickBooks notifies you and marks the invoice as paid.
You can just as easily process refunds this way:
🔸 Gmail will show list of invoices.
🔸 Select see all in QuickBooks from menu and a separate tab opens to show all invoices.
🔸 You pick the invoice for which you wish to process refund and select payment to which
it is linked.
🔸 Scroll down to the bottom, click on more and then click on refund.

Now you are connected and ready to create invoices from Gmail.
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