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It can be very frustrating and annoying that QuickBooks shows an error just when you wish to carry out some urgent work. Of the many errors that QuickBooks displays, one that can show up is error 6129.

Why QuickBooks Error 6129 Occurs?

  • There is a reason why error 6129 is displayed on your screen. This error code means that database connection verification has failed.
  • This can also be due to network connection problem if QuickBooks is being used in a networked environment. QuickBooks cannot establish database connections or cannot find a file where it is supposed to be.
  • There may be a mismatch between client and server
  • Network data files may be corrupted.
  • Antivirus software is interfering.
  • Damaged network data file (.nd)
  • Company file upgraded to new version of QuickBooks in non-windows administrator profile
  • Client and server on different domains.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 6129 Problem?

Approach #1
This one is easy and you will need to log into your Windows system as an administrator.
  • Open the folder where company file is currently located.
  • There should be a with the same file name but with .nd extension to .qbw.
  • Right click on this file and rename it.
This should take care of the problem.

Approach #2
Sometimes the file location may be corrupt or have issues. In this case, try this approach:
  • Navigate to the QuickBooks folder where the company file with extension .qbw is located.
  • Right-click and then click on copy.
  • Now create a new folder using windows explorer and give it a name.
  • Open this folder and paste the company file to this location.
  • Your company file in this location should open from QuickBooks.
If you are operating in networked systems then you need to grant access permissions for the folder where the company file resides and permit sharing.

Approach #3
Antivirus software or some other windows component may be blocking the company file in which case this is what you do:
  • Restart the computer in safe mode. Windows will not load antivirus and some components.
  • Run QuickBooks
  • It should work.
Approach #4
QuickBooks database server manager may not be configured right. Do so with these steps.
  • Download update QuickBooks desktop to the latest release patch.
  • Reboot and let patch installation proceed.
  • QuickBooks, on launch, will show that the company file needs to be updated for which you must follow on-screen prompts and also take a backup as QuickBooks prompt will show.
  • Run QuickBooks and from windows press start-programs-QuickBooks and then QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Let it scan all company files and folders by clicking on scan folders. You may need to indicate which folders contain the company files. Click scan and let it run. This will result in company files being given multi-user access facility.
  • The QuickBooks database server manager also shows company files connected to serve and users logged to each company file. It will also show status. It should be running in the background.
Any or a couple of the above solutions should provide resolution. However, if the issue still persists you can give us a ring and our specialists will provide all help you need to run the software smoothly.

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