QuickBooks Com Error Crash When Emailing Invoice : How To Fix

How to Fix & [Solved]

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You try to email an invoice through QuickBooks and that is where you come up against a Com error. Your work may be held up and you will wonder what to do. First, understand the causes and, if you are up to it, try to fix it with our tips given below.

The Causes Behind QuickBooks Com Error Crash When Emailing Invoice 

The issue may arise due to

• Email preferences not set up right (know how to set up email service in QuickBooks Desktop)
• QuickBooks is not installed right
• A vital .dll file is damaged (know how to repair file)
• You may have outlook running in the background.

How To Fix QuickBooks Com Error Crash When Emailing Invoice

Do not just sit there and twiddle your thumbs wondering how to proceed. Happily, you can try to resolve it on your own. Fix it with these approaches:

Approach 1

Right-click QuickBooks icon and on properties and then click on compatibility tab to make sure you do not run QuickBooks as administrator.

Approach 2

• Launch Microsoft Outlook
• Select edit and then click on preferences and then on send forms
• Set send email option in my preferences tab and click OK. You can click on edit, then preferences and then send forms and, in my preferences tab, select QuickBooks email.
• Click edit, click preferences and click on outlook and then OK.
• Close QuickBooks and windows and restart.

If there are other problems in Microsoft outlook then it is best to call in a professional.

Approach 3

• Launch internet explorer after closing QuickBooks and navigate to Tools->internet options.
• Click programs tab and select default email program as Outlook or Outlook express (only on Windows XP and prior – Windows 7 has removed outlook express). Click apply and then on OK
• Close internet explorer and run QuickBooks to send an email.

Hopefully, your problem should be fixed.

Approach 4

• This is rather drastic and needs to be done if QuickBooks installation is damaged.
• From control panel select QuickBooks and then uninstall/remove it.
• Thereafter carry out clean fresh install using CD key/ license key.
• Once QuickBooks is uninstalled then you must first rename installation folders before carrying out a fresh install. For this, you can use QuickBooks clean install tool. You may need to download and then run this tool. Alternatively, you can carry out renaming manually. However, you may encounter access denied issues when manually renaming folders. It is better to use the QuickBooks clean install tool.

Approach 5

If you can tackle it, this rather involved approach could resolve the issue provided the MAPI32.dll file was the cause of the error. You can try to repair this file.

• However, before you attempt the repair process, test MAPI32.dll functionality by opening Microsoft Word and then choosing File->Send->email as a PDF attachment. If it works then Windows MAPI32.dll is OK. If there are errors you may need to get a service engineer to resolve MAPI settings. If the document goes through email through Word but not through QuickBooks then the problem is with QuickBooks that may need to be repaired or reinstalled.

• Repair MAPI32.dll by opening windows explorer.
• Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and then click on fixmapi.exe.
• Restart the computer and see if the issue is resolved.
• If not, then rename existing MAPI32.dll file to MAPI32.dll.old and the run fixmapi.exe again and restart the computer after the process is over.

Some steps are simple to follow and you should try these first. The mapi32.dll process is involved and you need to do it with care. If the problem persists then call our experts for the fast resolution to QuickBooks com error when you wish to email invoice or reports.

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