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Call us @ ☎ 1-800-515-3107 If you want a temporary copy of QuickBooks (recover lost data)

There are times when one may need a temporary copy of QuickBooks.

The reasons may be any of the following:

  • You may wish to try out another version and upgrade or downgrade but wish to get a feel of the product before making a commitment.
  • You may wish to migrate QuickBooks to the online version.
  • You wish to buy an accounting package and wish to try out QuickBooks.

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In the above cases you can do the following to get a temporary copy of QuickBooks: 

Approach #1
  • Download, install and run a free trial version of QuickBooks. You can download and run trial versions of Enterprise, Pro, Premier and Mac versions.
  • The expiry period is 30 days so you should have sufficient time to try out the software. 
However, you may wish to upgrade your system and use QuickBooks on a new system. In case this is what you wish to do then you can try this approach.

Approach #2
  • The first step, before you discard your old system in favor of a new one, is to take a backup of QuickBooks company file.
  • Launch QuickBooks, and, from the file menu, select backup and save the backed up files to a pen drive.
  • Install QuickBooks on your new computer. Make sure you have noted the product number and license number from your old installation or have the keys handy with the CD when you carry out a fresh install of QuickBooks on the new system.
  • QuickBooks will automatically create the .qbb files. If you restore from the backup pen drive, these files will be overwritten.
  • Insert pen drive in your new computer.
  • Start QuickBooks.
  • From file, menu select restore company option
  • Select restore a copy of the backup and click on next.
  • You will have the choice of the backup option for which you click on next button.
  • Select the look into an option and navigate to the location of the backup document on your pen drive.
  • Pick a name for the backup file that has .qbb extension and gives it another name or let the existing name remain unchanged.
  • Select open and restore option in the open the location window.
  • Click next
  • Click on save in option and navigate to the folder where your fresh installation of QuickBooks has created the .qbb file.
  • Give a new name to the file you wish to restore but let the .qbb extension remain unchanged.
  • Click yes to restore the document from pen drive to your hard disk.
It is as simple as that. There are utilities that allow you to back up the entire QuickBooks program but that process can be quirky and you cannot afford to take chances. It is best to just create a temporary copy of QuickBooks working files and restore them to a fresh installation.

If it appears too complicated you can always call our experts for guidance and assistance.

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